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Memory Bears, Heirloom bears 13in tall

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 Our iconic Memory Bears are handcrafted with love to help preserve memories for years to come! Made up of parts from a time period in your past that you deeply cherish, these memory bears are 11 inches tall and lined with interfacing to hold their shape. They can be played with or kept some place safe. All bear's have a heart on their chest where you can include a name, short quote, or a date. Please note in the shipping details section if customization of the heart is desired for your Memory Bear.

Bears made from Adult Clothing need: a minimum of 1 med sized shirt. The more item's you have the more colorful the bear will be.

Bears made from Baby item's need: 7-9 items unless a baby blanket is included. If one or two outfits are all you would like to use you can add Soft Minky or a Faux fur to finish the bear. Please make sure to add that listing on to your final purchase. This is an additional charge for material.

The Bear's can be made with any item that is not made of silk, fur or large knit sweater.

Please note for compliancy and safety standards that due to health regulations and compliancy codes, items sent for processing of a Memory Bear must be free of stains, chemicals, fluids and any bodily residual mater. To ensure proper procedure and compliancy standards, please email pictures of all items being sent and disclose details of the items condition and any imperfections. Once approved, an email will be sent with an address for mailing these items too. Items must be sent within 3 days of receiving mailing address and items will be processed in order received.

Once items have arrived, our compliance team will review the items for final steps before processing. In the event items do not meet compliance regulation standards, the items will be sent back and the processing of the order will be cancelled. Items sent back are required to have shipping paid by customers, Stitches By Natalie is not responsible or liable for return shipping of items.

Thank you for allowing us to create and preserve your memories! We look forward to working with you! 


If you have a special request for your animal please email us BEFORE sending in the fabric to make sure it is possible, and then make sure to include that special request with your fabric


we do not issue refunds on any purchases due to their handmade nature.


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