Stitches By Natalie FAQs

Shipping Faqs

  • When mailing in your fabric make sure YOUR name is on the OUTSIDE along with your order number. If that info isn't on your package it can cause a significant delay in your items being made. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR TRACKING NUMBER FROM THE CARRIER YOU USED TO SHIP YOUR FABRIC TO US IN A SAFE PLACE UNTIL YOUR ORDER HAS SHIPPED BACK TO YOU.

  • Do NOT send out multiple separate packages for ONE order. If you are sharing an order with a friend or family member please collect all fabric and send it in ONE package, separating the fabric for each shirt into ziplocks. If you send multiple packages againt our faqs and we do not know natalie will use the fabric from whatever package is first in her queue and if you need / want them remade due to our instructions not being followed you will be charged full price for that remake. If you send multiple packages for one order this will significantly delay your order by at least 1-2 weeks.

  • Do NOT send multiple SEPARATE order numbers in one package. We totally understand wanting to save on shipping but this can cause a lot of confusion and we don't want any issues with your order.

  • If you have MULTIPLE shirts in one order and you do not want your onesies mixed together on the shirts, please SEPARATE each onesie in a ziplock bag and label it with what shirt you want it used for. If you want your onesies mixed together you can SKIP this step.
    We do not accept packages dirrectly from amazon.

  • Please make sure you include any birth stats or other things you want embroidered with your fabric when you send it into us. Please double check said stats before sending it in. We embroider exactly how you write it. If there is a mistake on your end and you need your keepsake re-embroidered please email us so we can help. There will be a charge to fix it.

  • When you send multiple pieces of fabric for ONE shirt in we CANNOT guarantee placement of items. We welcome requests sent in with your fabric but due to the handmade nature it is impossible to guarantee placement. In the end Natalie will do what works best with your fabric and the shirt. Please DO NOT send in fabric you are not ok with going on any letter.

  • Do NOT send multiple separate order numbers in one package. We totally understand wanting to save on shipping but this can cause a lot of confusion and we don't want any issues with your order.

  • We do NOT send out confirmation when we receive your item. When you mail your item please send it via an option that has tracking and please SAVE that tracking number in case we have any questions about the delivery date.

  • If you need your address changed due to moving please email us and we will take care of that for you asap! If you do not contact us about an address change before we ship out your order you will need to contact your local USPS office and they can help you put a stop package on your keepsake.

  • Once we mail your order out we no longer can be responsible for issues with the USPS. If there is info you need from us to help with contacting USPS we are always happy to help. Otherwise please contact your local post office with the tracking we send once we mail your package.

  • *IMPORTANT* If your package is returned to us for any reason you are responsible for paying for shipping a second time. 

Ordering Faqs

  • Discount codes cannot be applied to orders after purchase. No codes can be applied to fixes, extra embroidery, extra fabric, or shipping. If a discount is used we will refund. 

  • If you do not send in your fabric in before you hit three months after ordering your order is subject to a $20 late fee.

  • All orders take 12-15 work weeks for animals / shirts AFTER we receive your fabric. If you need it sooner please email us to see if we have any rush order spots open. 

  • We do not offer refunds on keepsake shirts after purchase due to the fact that we order the shirt after you order

  • We do not use silk, fur, leather, or crochet items.
  • If you are wanting your fabric scraps sent back to you from stuffed animals after your keepsake is completed please purchase this listing. We send back scraps from shirts for FREE. If there are issues with your fabric and natalie has to use more than expected you might not have any fabric to send back.

  • We are always more than happy to embroider handwriting or names on your keepsake however due to the amount of time and difficulty it takes we do have a $10 surcharge for it. The only exception is our pillows which includes the cost of handwritten embroidery.

  • Please make sure to include a receiving blanket or the same amount of fabric for animals.

  • We need one nb onesies amount of fabric for four letters on our fabric keepsake shirts. If we don't receive that amount we will not be able to complete your order.

  • If you choose to have your animal made entirely out of baby clothes please note this makes the animal extremely fragile and we cannot guarantee that it will last. The only keepsake animals that we can make exclusively out of outfits are Octopus, Bear, Bunny, and Elephant.

Changes / Issues / Refunds Faqs

  • If you change your mind on which animal or shirt you want please email our customer service department at
    All animal changes are subject to a change fee, shirts are not.

  • If we have issues while making your order we will contact you via email. Please add our email as a contact so our emails won't end up in spam or get automatically delete and cause delays in your order.
  • If you have issues with your order once it is received please contact our customer service department at

  • Due to the handmade nature of our items, we do not issue refunds on keepsake orders. If there are quality issues feel free to email us so we can discuss it and hopefully resolve your issue! However every piece is handmade so there will be variations to the appearance of your keepsake due to that.
    Mistakes do happen due to the handmade nature of the item and we do ask our customers to understand that and we will not refund due to that, but we will always try and fix it for you!