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The birth of Stitches by Natalie

Hey guys! Welcome to Stitches by Natalie where my hobby turned into another baby for me! Well... a business baby.

 My name is Natalie and I am the owner of Stitches by Natalie. Here are some fun facts about me and how my business bloomed.

I am married to my college sweet heart! He swept me off my feet our Senior year of college. We meet thru some mutual friends and it became clear we were meant to be with all of our craziness. In fact, our first date he stood me up!!! Can you believe I even gave him a second chance?! I was hesitant but I did and it's a good thing I did;-)

My husband Jon and I welcomed three boys to our crazy life and have one baby waiting for us in heaven. Our boys are all 2.5 years apart and are closer than every. They play, flight and laugh together all the time. It warms my heart seeing them interact with one another.

After my first son was born I left the work force to become a full time stay at home Mom. This was a easy decision for me as I knew I always wanted to be a Mom. While home with little Gavin I began sewing things for him which opened up into making things for other people as gifts. It was then that I found my passion for sewing. See I never found this passion while my Grandmothers and Mother taught me to sew... then it was to "boring" to watch. In my mind I thanked them for siting me down and teaching me the in's and out's of sewing. I first started with the Memory Bears, offering them locally for sale. It was clear that people need to find comfort in something after their loss. Knowing I could help just by sewing a cute bear made from their someone specials items was heart warming. A feeling I will never forget when they see/hold their Memory Bear.

After the birth of the bears came the hooded towel's and the birth animals! It's been a fun ride and I cannot wait to expand what I have to offer.

Here is just some of the back story of Stitches by Natalie! I have so much more to tell but I need to sew!

Come back and check out the blog as there will be guess bloggers and more fun!


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