Bringing the imagination out!

 So often I compare my childhood to my three boys childhood and they are similar yet very different. When I was younger we (My sister and I) only had a few toys and those toys were well loved toys that we played with all the time. My sister and I used our imaginations to create many magical things with our toys. We always made the best of all of our toys.

As a grew older and had kids I wanted to spoil my boys with all the toys but I soon learned that it was to overwhelming to give them SO many toys. They were not using their imaginations like I did when  I was little so I knew just what to do even if it was going to be really hard getting rid of many of their toys. One day I asked the boys to help me make donation bags for a local charity and they were so excited to share their toys with kids that didn't have many. We cleared out a ton of toys which was amazing.

From then on I knew I had to give them toys that would spark their imagination! When I discovered I knew that all their toys were perfect for our family! Everything they sell is great for stretching the imagination and getting the boys to think outside their normal play and start playing in a new way. We have the camp set and the boys were so excited to get a tent and all the accessories to go with it. It came with everything they needed for a camping trip in the house. The best part about the Picasso Tiles toys is that they are affordable too. 

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