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Please Push Pause, on everything!! -Andrea Bertels

Please Push Pause, on everything! - Andrea Bertels

I know I have been guilty of this before, but now is the time. Put your phone away. Push pause to all things social media. Less commitments. Less screen time. Less volunteer work. You don't have to be the outcast mom. I'm not saying to go hide in a hole. But you need to choose wisely. Choose to be present in your life. Be real with those you love and be aware of everyone else.

In the last six months I have been to more funerals than I wish to count, and I breakdown at every single one. I am extremely sensitive. But, I have known all of these people for years, whether it was friends of friends, church members, community members or family. It is nothing short of heartbreaking when you think of that person, their life accomplishments and their unwavering commitment to you. And now it's gone. In an instant your life changes, and you wish you could do anything to bring them back; to have one more day, one more conversation, one more apology. Life is not fair and we all know this. It can drastically change in within minutes.

Death is completely terrifying. When you lose someone every song on the radio, every family meal, every special occasion brings you to your knees because they were supposed to be there. They were supposed to be with you. No one can prepare you for the loss of a loved one or how to cope when you need them the most. But, it's completely true, we've all heard that saying - life is short. It really is. Let's all put down our phones. Make less commitments and instead invest in our friends and family. Ask questions, spend time and laugh with someone because someday we will wish we had that moment back.

Written by Andrea Bertels

My amazing sister-Natalie

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